The Blessing of Babel and Pentecost

18 06 2019

Pentecost, the birth of the Church (unknown artist, Catholic Icon/Painting)

This past Sunday (June 18th, 2019), was Pentecost according to the Eastern Orthodox Church. (It was Pentecost the previous Sunday in the Catholic & Protestant Churches). Pentecost was the day the Church was born; the day the Holy Spirit descended like tongues of fire & empowered the followers of Jesus to preach & spread the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus & His healing, redemptive work. (Acts 2:1-11)

As this special Sunday came closer in the days that had followed Easter/Pascha, I began to remember & reflect on a message I had heard at a conference a few years ago, (October 4th, 2015) by speaker/preacher Micah Bournes.

In this message, Micah addresses racism, cultural diversity, & unity in a very thoughtful & compelling manner full of respect, humility, humor & sensitivity. It is also a message that is very challenging & from a perspective unlike others I had heard before.

So I emailed Micah & inquired if there was any video or audio recording of this message, based on the Biblical text of the story of the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9).

Hendrik van Cleve III, Tower of Babel, 16th century

I felt as I did then, this message is desperately needed & necessary even more so than just a few years ago. Please take the time to listen to this message & ask God what He might say to you personally.

Here is the link to the audio recording The Blessing of Babel that was presented at a conference in Redding, California at The Stirring Church.

Micah Bournes, Fight Evil with PoetryMicah Bournes is from Long Beach California. He is also a graduate of The Moody Bible Institute. Ever since I encountered Micah’s unique talents, I have followed & enjoyed his unique methods of sharing what God has placed in his heart to offer to others. Micah is a creative man of faith. In addition to performing poetry, the “Spoken Word” and music, he often speaks and teaches on creative writing, pursuing justice, and the way of Jesus. Micah has been able to share his passions and gifts all over the world. His website can be found at: His YouTube channel is: He can also be found on BandCamp at: and finally his Facebook page at:



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