About Kieranna Kathleen

Megan and Me Photo
Megan, my chocolate lab, and me at the Beach
speaking photo
Ready for a Speaking Engagement

I am a Dog Trainer, Singer, Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Writer.

I truly enjoy being a conference speaker, workshop speaker or just plain public speaking… the best part is sharing my heart, being real, being passionate about eternal values and caring for human beings then making that connection with the audience. Each speaking opportunity, each speaking moment is a unique moment in time, with unique individuals, never to be repeated again in time and space. What an awesome privilege to be part of the process of growing and sharing in this way with people.

I am an Orthodox Christian.

Live in Northern California.

I presently have 2 dogs (1 Sheltie and 1 Italian Greyhound)

singing in jr church photo
Singing in Jr. Church with 4th-6th graders

I have a few webpages of my own: www.kieranna.com, www.k9keltsdogtraining.com

I am on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I play the Guitar, Flute, Recorder, Irish Tin Whistle.

I love to read, love history, love theology, love celtic Christianity.

I enjoy birdwatching, camping, houseboating, gardening, reading, music and fishing.


I have been a Pregnancy Center Director and worked in the Pregnancy Center ministries for over 18 years.

I have been a short-term missionary in various parts of Mexico and in the US.

I have been a worship leader in a variety of settings my favorite worship times over the years were the times of worship in Junior Church (4th-6th graders) and Pregnancy Center Conferences/Retreats.

I have a wonderful family and faithful friends… I love them so deeply. God has truly blessed me!

One response

19 09 2012
MaeDean Smith

I found you because my thoughts turned to the true meaning of Christmas today. I continue to love to decorate my home some at the Christmas season, but I long for it to proclaim the holiday as recognizing Immanuel – God With Us instead of the overwhelming commercialism the holiday has become. I was hoping to find a wallhanging about Immanuel that would show from my front window along with a small Christmas tree. I admired your many abilities and interests as I read them.

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